1. Create environment with necessary dependencies

(base)$ conda create -n laminocupy -c conda-forge python=3.9 dxchange cupy scikit-build swig pywavelets numexpr astropy olefile opencv
(base)$ conda activate laminocupy
(laminocupy)$ pip install torch==1.9.1+cu111 torchvision==0.10.1+cu111 torchaudio==0.9.1 -f
  1. Install the pytorch pywavelets package for ring removal

(laminocupy)$ git clone
(laminocupy)$ cd pytorch_wavelets
(laminocupy)$ pip install .
(laminocupy)$ cd -
  1. Set path to the nvcc profiler (e.g. /local/cuda-11.4/bin/nvcc ) and install laminocupy

(laminocupy)$ export CUDACXX=/local/cuda-11.4/bin/nvcc
(laminocupy)$ git clone
(laminocupy)$ cd laminocupy-cli
(laminocupy)$ python install


laminocupy-cli is constantly updated to include new features. To update your locally installed version:

(laminocupy)$ cd laminocupy-cli
(laminocupy)$ git pull
(laminocupy)$ python install